DataFlex application development - fast!

DataFlex is an advanced software tool designed for building dynamic database independent applications and web services in a visual development environment. DataFlex offers:

Reliable build capability - DataFlex enables developers to quickly build highly reliable corporate software solutions and commercial application products with Windows, Web and Web Services interfaces.

Complete design suite - Visual design tools; comprehensive class library (including XML management classes;  compiler & debugger; embedded database; connectivity for leading DBMSs such as Microsoft SQL Server); scalable Web Application Server and a custom AJAX Library for quick build of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) for next-generation business solutions.

DataFlex community -
Asckey are the Data Access Worldwide UK channel Partners. The DataFlex product is surrounded by an active worldwide community of professional DataFlex users providing mutual support for mutual success.
Asckey Data Services Ltd are the experts in DataFlex licensing and application development.

Asckey Data Services LtdSummer 2014 DataFlex training sessions - how can we help?
Visual DataFlex relaunched as DataFlex - 2014 rebrand news
New Asckey DataFlex website currently under construction - watch this webspace...!

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For Developers

Windows & Web Apps
Changes in the technological landscape and increasing marketplace demands are impacting application development methods. Development methods need to evolve in-line with technologial advances specifically in relation to the growth of web and mobile.

Comprehensive DataFlex tools enable rapid build of n-tier, scalable, dynamic applications with Windows desktop, browser and web service interfaces. High level database controls automate complex tasks. Studio generates working, customisable application code - powerful results with no manual coding!     More...

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For Business

Increase your ROI
Having robust data and delivering it reliably to key decision makers and users at the right time in the right interface provides competitive advantage in a changing world.

The right application development system must facilitate the specific needs of business by using any data source, creating new applications rapidly, integrating legacy systems easily and delivering new forms of information as required. Find out how DataFlex applications support effective ROI.                More...

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For End Users

Data Entry and Navigation
A database application must provide its users with the functionality they need in a powerful, consistent, easy to navigate interface.

It must also protect both the user and the database from errors and invalid entries. Great applications, both Windows and web, mean fewer errors, more consistency, easier learning and more productivity. Visual DataFlex excels at rapidly building applications that can utilise information from a variety of sources and deliver it to users in a flexible format.              More...

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New to DataFlex?

DataFlex Personal Edition
DataFlex - Personal Edition is a free DataFlex license for private, personal use. DataFlex PEl has all the features of the full version, including an extensive Development Studio for developing serious applications in a simplified, user friendly environment.

DataFlex Personal is an ideal development system if you are considering getting into application development, or as a means of trialling the product without making a financial commitment until you are convinced of its abilities.            More...

Comprehensive Windows & Web Development

DataFlex handles Windows and  Web Application Development from the same business rules code. The powerful AJAX framework builds rich, user friendly Web applications that share data and code with your Windows applications.


DataFlex Start Centre

Comprehensive development environment

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Data entry grids

Data list/entry grids based on codejock contols

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Web Development

Windows & web apps from same source code!

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